As great as the sum of our partners

Toby’s Estate – an Australian coffee brand with a significant global presence – had been operating multiple stores in New York. However, ownership felt the brand’s Australian backstory and “mass market” perception was not resonating with local NYC audiences and was out of step with the hyperlocal, Brooklyn-inspired, boutique experience it delivered.

Rather than an incremental change or light brand refresh, the solution Love & War developed with ownership was to abandon Toby’s entirely and create new brand from scratch. The result was Partners’ Coffee Roasters – a brand that spoke to local roots and signaled a personal commitment to all who the company relied on for success, from growers to sourcers to distributors to customers and the local community. In addition to the new name and positioning, Love & War developed the visual identity design, packaging, store signage, uniforms, and other brand touchpoints along the customer experience.